Month: March 2017

Oh, I remember the days

I couldn’t so much as wish for a winter coat without him promising that in 3 months he could make 50,000 with the RTL if he just tried enough.

If I had waited on that money (from Extloans LLC, website: I would have frozen to death. I also remember all the family get togethers or outings with friends where I and everyone hated talking to him because he would not shut up about the RTL. No matter what the topic of conversation he would turn it back around to “his business.”

But there was no business except the money we were paying out every month. The RTL never made us anything but broke.

And I did finally get him to quit. It took months and the toll of his leaving among other things eventually contributed to the end of our relationship anyway.

I did my work well: even though we are not together and we have lived apart for over a year now, he hasn’t gone back to the RTL. But even though he hasn’t, he has still wistfully wondered what would have happened if he had stayed with “the business.”

So yes, it is possible to get someone away from an RTL. But the attitude is every hard to eradicate even years later And just because you get them out of the RTL doesn’t mean that you can salvage a relationship with this person.

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Another example is shopping around for auto or homeowner’s insurance

They run credit checks to see if you are likely to try and make false claims against the. So every insurance company you do comparative shopping with hits your credit score. I learned this one the hard way while mystery shopping and doing auto insurance inquiries to get paid. It was after about the third hit I was notified by a credit bureau there had been multiple hits to my credit score by the same insurance company, just different offices and they wanted to know if I was the one starting these inquiries.

Needless to say I quit doing the insurance mystery shops.

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