Month: December 2017

I know a lot of folks here have ING savings accounts,

and I believe they were generally happy with them. I just got a solicitation from them to open a savings account, and I’m considering it. I have wanted to set up not-so-easy savings accounts aside from my standard credit union accounts. Something I have to work at a little harder to get access to, for monies I don’t want to spend on the next pizza emergency (yes, sigh, I still have those moments).

But I also know that we had a recent discussion about ING being sold to Capital One. I have never dealt with them but I wasn’t very pleased to see that acquisition. There was talk on this list of folks wanting to move their ING accounts to some other savings option, because they didn’t want to be under Capital One’s heel.
Has anyone done anything with that concern since those emails went out (I think it’s been at least a few weeks now?) For those with ING accounts, have you seen any changes? For those who moved or are thinking to move, where would you move to?

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I just uploaded a file that I accidentally found

about how to create a Dave Ramsey-type zero-based budget in Quicken. I’ve been doing more and more in Quicken but that was one task which had so far eluded me. It’s a fairly lengthy PDF document showing print screens from Quicken 2007, but many of the screens are the same or similar enough (at least in Quicken 2010) that it should be fairly easy to translate into newer versions.
I’ll be going through it at some point in the near future, and I’ll see how well it works. But I figured I’d share it now in case others are looking for something like this.

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