I have been out of pocket for about a month, at least until the end of last week

My dad had knee replacement surgery and I was seeing after him. This delayed sending in homework. I did get bills paid and cashed out what we needed for the month. We had dd’s birthday this month. She turned 29. Due to being out of pocket for a few weeks we didn’t plan a party but sort of celebrating a little every few days. We got her an iPod related thing she wanted. Then Saturday we took her to eat at her favorite restaurant, Texas Roadhouse. Oh, I also treated her to a facial. We have one more gift to get her, a new Bible. All this is so easy because we planned and prepared by saving a little each month. Each year if we have $$ leftover from her birthday we roll it over to the next year. There is not usually a lot leftover but it’s seed $$ for next time.

Dh and I have received a financial gift, totally blown away by it and figuring out what to do with it. I will use a small portion of it to help a single mom with 2 kids. The rest will get invested … either into our non-IRA mutual funds we already have or we’ll find some more/different mutual funds to invest in.


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