I just wanted to chime

in that your post reminded me for some reason of DR explaining the difference between broke and poor. Broke, he explained, is a temporary state where you lack some $$ but you know it’s temporary … and poor is viewed as a permanent situation with no way out … if I remember correctly.
There have been times I saw us a poor, especially pre-Dave Ramsey. My mindset didn’t change overnight just by taking FPU. It was a process that took at least a couple of years. Here’s an example. We do not have health insurance through work, we pay for it ourselves. I used to bemoan this fact and that we could do so much more financially if we didn’t have this expense, or if we had to pay only a portion of it. When you look at it on paper, yes, this was true. However, I should have been giving thanks that we could pay it because many others were not so fortunate. Now my mind set is pretty much changed but sometimes I do find myself back in that old mindset but it doesn’t last long.

We have some close family members who I believe see themselves as poor, not broke. It has been a series of choices over their adult life that has them end up in that spot. They are dh’s sister and her husband. Dh and his sister were biological sibs, raised by the same parents. Yet they have turned out very different.
Oh, I just heard a quote on tv …. “Through adversity comes opportunity.” (Drew Brees, QB of The New Orleans Saints). I believe we are given opportunites when things are not going our way, but we have to make the most of them or the opporutnity. For example, we have paid in full for dsil/dbil to take FPU but they chose to run from seem problems, literally and figuratively so they have never take it. I am not sure dh completely agrees with me but I believe these family members would rather run from issues than deal with them. However, I must stay there have been times I found it easier to stick my head in the sand too but I think I do it less often now than I used to.

Maybe your sister has never taken advantage of opportunities either, like when you tried to educate her. Here’s to hoping she’ll take advantage of what you try to teach her in the future. Maybe she will also learn the difference between “broke” and “poor”.


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