ING is great for us because we have a ton of subaccounts

and I find it easier to manage our finances having these various accounts segregated from one another rather than having all of our savings commingled into one account. It’s the nerd in me that this appeals to. Everytime I’ve had to call ING, the customer rep always comments on the large number of subaccounts we have. Whatever. It works for us. The only big change I’ve seen over the years that we’ve had our account(s) with them is how they have steadily been decreasing our interest rates. They used to have very attractive rates (well, attractive in the sense that they were paying more than the local banks or credit unions), but now, since they were sold, the interest rates are nothing to shout about. To me, the biggest appeal is the ability to create a bunch of subaccounts to fund various needs within our family, and I can see exactly where we stand in each area with a glance. I also love funding some accounts automatically each week, and funding others as needed, or when we have extra cash to throw into them


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